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New Pro Shop Programs Launching from Real Avid

For shoppers, if the products in a non-merchandised aisle are not top of mind, they will pass by without even a glance. So like a neon sign along a dark interstate, these new Pro Shop Upgrade endcaps and in-line aisle assortments from Real Avid deliver a powerful one-two sales punch. First grabbing the shoppers attention on the endcap and then drawing them down the aisle to explore the merchandised product sections. Ultimately finding and buying what they were looking for, and better yet what they weren’t looking for. The results are increased aisle traffic, higher turns on pegs and superior margins on gun cleaning and tools for Real Avid dealers.



Image: Leaderboard Assortment

By employing style, organization and simplicity, these merchandised assortments attract and enable shoppers to quickly and easily find what they need without being overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization. Additionally, merchandising an entire section of the store that connects with the shoppers needs and interests, in this case the rapidly growing interest in Gun DIY™ will engage them to pause and make an impulse purchase they did not intend when they first walked through the door. As an added benefit to dealers, the informative packaging helps Gun DIY consumers connect the dots between the work and modifications they would like to do to their guns (i.e. that sweet handguard in the next aisle over), and the tools needed to get that job done. 


Image: Bullseye Assortment

With the purchase of designated top-selling Pro Shop Upgrade product assortments in multiple size and space options, Real Avid provides crisp and informative branded aisle headers, violators and endcaps that will invite shoppers down the aisle and lead them to the product category they are searching for.

“Our product packaging has always captured the attention of the consumer,” remarked Dave Steiner, President. “This Pro Shop Upgrade program amplifies our assortments and takes our in-store merchandising to a new level. These plan-o-grammed assortments with crisp merchandising elements will set the high-bar for how gun tools and gun cleaning products should be presented- making it easier for the store and consumer to find solutions and solve their gun maintenance needs.  The end result is maximized revenue for the store.”


Image: Essential DIY Assortment

The Real Avid retail-ready Pro Shop Upgrade merchandiser options provide an appealing and inviting aisle presentation. Organized and logically displayed, these merchandising elements create a positive shopping experience and take the intimidation out of gun building, cleaning and maintenance tools by guiding buyers to packaging that is informative and enabling for all of their Gun DIY® projects.

These merchandised assortments are easy to order on the Real Avid Dealer Portal. Shop and select the item number for the assortment you want, add it and buy it. At zero additional charge, it will come with merchandising signage and mounting hardware, as well as installation instructions and a recommended planogram layout diagram. Contact your Real Avid Representative for more information or contact Real Avid directly to request the Pro Shop Upgrade brochure be sent directly to you.


Image: Core Assortment


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