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New Pro Shop Programs Launching from Real Avid

For shoppers, if the products in a non-merchandised aisle are not top of mind, they will pass by without even a glance. So like a neon sign along a dark interstate, these new Pro Shop Upgrade endcaps and in-line aisle assortments from Real Avid deliver a powerful one-two sales punch. First grabbing the shoppers attention on the endcap and then drawing them down the aisle to explore the merchandised product sections. Ultimately finding and buying what they were looking for, and better yet what they weren’t looking for. The results are increased aisle traffic, higher turns on pegs and superior margins on gun cleaning and tools for Real Avid dealers.

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How to Use Gun DIY to Sell More Products

Gun DIY is the fastest growing trend within the firearms category. Empowered owners are looking to add to the guns they already own or build a new gun for their needs. These needs can range from varmint hunting, hog hunting, 3-Gun, Personal Defense etc. Off-the-shelf firearms are no longer what they are looking for. Enter DIY.

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